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Curtain Poles

All our curtain poles are hand-crafted ourselves in the time honoured ways which give each pole the character and individuality to make a huge impressive addition to your rooms.

All our curtain poles are supplied with brackets, curtain rings and a choice of finishes.

Finishes available are; Painted with either Ebony black, Heritage green or white,  polished and lacquered or black waxed.

Please remember, these are only a small example of what we can create, if you have your own designs or wish us to copy existing designs, feel free to contact us to discuss these designs.

How To order your pole;

Step 1 - measure your window;

If you let us know the width of the window, then allow approximately 12cm at each side for the window to allow the curtains to hang when open, this is the total pole length you require. Please bear in mind the finial has to be added to this the length, see the table below for the length of each finial. (i.e. if you haven't got much room, make sure you can get the pole in buy ordering a short finial).

Step 2 - Choose the size of pole you require;

All our poles are available made from 16mm, 20mm and 25mm diameter solid bar. Any length of pole can be ordered however as we would advise if the pole is longer than 2.3m it will require a centre bracket.

Pole diameter Price per metre including all finishes except waxing Price per metre including waxing
16mm diameter solid 8.54 per metre 9.34 per metre
20mm diameter solid 10.00 per metre 11.87 per metre
25mm diameter solid 12.34 per metre 14.00 per metre

Step 3 - Choose the finials;

Scroll End

Hand forged tapers down from 20mm solid Length; 150mm

Button End

Hand forged Button end (old fashioned riveted effect) Length 60mm.

Ball with decoration

Classic 50mm ball with extra decoration. Length 150mm.

Classic 50mm ball end

50mm solid ball on 20mm solid bar. Length 60mm.

Spear End

Forged spear point on 20mm solid bar. Length 120mm

Classic Basket and Ball end

Classis combo of 20mm solid bar, 70mm diameter cage and 50mm ball. Length 130mm.

Basket and ball end example hold back

Ball and Basket hold back (made to match basket and ball poles)

Finial style Price per finial
Scroll End 15.00
Button End 10.50
Ball With Decoration 22.00
Classic Ball End 13.50
70mm Cage End 14.50
Spear End 14.00
Classic Basket & Ball End 18.00
Shepherds Crook End 17.50

Step 4 - Choose the number of brackets;

Price per bracket; 10.00

Step 5 - Choose the number of rings;

We recommend at least 3 rings per foot (or 1 ring per 100mm of curtain)

Price per ring; 0.95p each

You should now have everything you need to order your pole. So all you need to do is e-mail us your request and we'll do the rest.