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Traditional Hanging Basket Brackets

This product really speaks for itself. It is very elegant as well as being eye-catching. These brackets look great with or without a hanging basket of flowers on it. (looks great all year round). This product is built and looks in another league to the mass produced garden center type of bracket.. Stand out from the rest of your street.


All these items come complete with undercoat and finished in the following; Ebony black (pictured), gloss black, racing green, or white.


Standard Sizes Prices
14" 40.00 per pair or 22.00 each
18" 46.00 per pair or 25.00 each

Ornate Hanging Basket Brackets.

These are a very popular product the simple design continues to be elegant and will make a massive difference to your home. These are nothing like the 'light weight' hanging basket brackets you can buy from garden centres, these are constructed from much heavier materials to make them stand out from the rest. They are constructed in the time honored method as they have been made for years and years the beautifully hand crafted scroll really stand out. These are the REAL THING!


These products come painted, with a good solid primer and finished in 'Heritage' Black. Or can be finished in any colour requested.

Standard sizes Prices
14" 45.00 per pair or 25.00 each
18" 51.00 per pair or 28.00 each

Please contact us at Garton Heritage Forge if you are require any more information about these items. (click here for the contact us page)