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Traditional Suffolk pull handle

They are to be used in situations where the traditional Suffolk latch is not appropriate. They are designed to be used on doors with sprung catches or look great on large cupboard doors. These handles come complete with screws.


Suffolk pull sizes; H190 x W55 x D40mm

11.50 each

    Suffolk pulls come in a range on finishes, Polished and lacquered, black waxed or painted in ebony black, forest green or white.

Sliding Bolts

These product makes a massive improvement to any door. A very popular use for these is on patio doors or any pair of doors where one is secured to the door frame and the other door secures to the first door. These can also be used as extra security on any door. They look and feel great. They are ball spring loaded so they can be mounted upwards or downwards. They come supplied with square plates so you only have to drill a round hole.

Sizes of Slide Bolts; H200mm x W45mm x D25mm

27.00 each

    The slide bolts come in a range on finishes, Polished and lacquered, black waxed or painted in ebony black, forest green or white.

Large twisted pull handle

These large pull handles are ideal for anyone who wishes to make an impact, they are decorative and substantial at the same time, they are constructed from 16mm solid square with twist detail.

Measurements; H. o/a 11 1/2" (290mm) x D. 3" (75mm)

Price; 24.00 each

Large Round Door pulls

These door pull handles are beautifully decorated and make a massive statement about any door or gate. They are very well constructed and handcrafted using the traditional hand forged techniques.

Measurements; ring diameter 7" (180mm)

Price 28.00 each

Coat hooks

These are beautifully hand crafted as all of our products. They are something a little different, a world away fro the mass produced hooks, they are very strong and can be used to hand anything from. They are made from one piece and twisted together to produce a great effect.

Measurements; H. 5" (120mm) x D. 2" (50mm) x W. 4 1/2" (115mm)

Price; 7.00 each

Garton Door Handle

These door handles are beautifully handcrafted and are constructed to suit standard locks. These handles are designed to complement the more modern property but can be used to complement some of the period homes too.

(Please click on image to enlarge)

Sizes of Garton door handles; H130 x W45 x D50mm (overall width inc handle W120mm)

Price 69.00 per pair

Our door handles come in an array of finishes; Polished and lacquered, black waxed or painted in ebony black, white or forest green. (please note we do not recommend black wax to be used where the product will be outside, we are able to supply a pair of handles with different finishes)

Drawer Handles

These beautifully hand crafted little handles are ideal for kitchen cupboards, bedroom cabinets, or just anywhere around the house. They could also be used for direct replacement for your existing cupboard drawer handles.

Drawer handle sizes H130 x W20 x D35mm

Price On Application

Our drawer handles come in a variety of finishes; Polished and lacquered (pictured), black wax or can be painted in racing green, ebony black or white.



Curl Window Stays

These beautifully handcrafted window stays are a traditional design and look great on any wooden window frame. They come complete with traditional hammer in pins. available in black wax finish, polished (pictured), ebony black, racing green or white

Standard Sizes Prices
250mm stay 13.50
300mm stay 13.50
350mm stay 13.50

Twisted Window Stays

These window stays are a little more ornate but again are a traditional style. These stays come complete with two hammer in pins (as pictured). The detail on these stays is outstanding, click on the small picture for a detail view.

Standard Sizes Prices
250mm stay 16.50
300mm stay 16.50
350mm stay 16.50

Window catches

These window catches are the perfect compliment for the window stays above. They again are a traditional design handcrafted using the old traditional method. They are beautifully made and the detail stands out and grabs your attention. They are available in two different styles (see pictures) the traditional scroll catch and the shepherds crook catch. These catches are supplied with screws, ready to fit.

Style Price
Scroll catch 13.00
Shepherds Crook catch 13.00

(Please note discount will be offered on multiple orders of all our stock please contact us for a quotation)


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